Thank You Upper Deck


Sooo….After 12 Days away from home, I finally got back and checked my Mailbox of Goodies and found an envelope from Upper Deck in my Mailbag and pleasantly surprised as to what I got. First things first I got a Box at Christmas and when I opened the box, I got everything I expected except the fact that all 6 of my Young Guns had been cut wrong and pretty much destroyed. So I contacted Upper Deck and was promptly given all the Information I needed to get the problem resolved. I was advised to send off the cards to them and they would take care of the situation. I figured I would send them off and 6 months from now I would receive my cards and was not expecting a quick return on them. This assumption was based on Issues I had with other companies which I will touch on in my next post. So I sent them out just prior to New Years Eve and they were back on the 12th. First Things


Second I found a Letter addressed to me stating in better terms that the cards originally did not meet their standards and that they were sorry for the error and that they value me as a collector….It means a lot when companies admit they made an error and apologize and even though there really was no need to apologize as it was due to an automated machine, they still did it anyway.

Third, Now this might seem small to some people but, I thought it was great of them to do….They sent me back new cards of the players I sent plus 2 Extra Young Guns…Even though I already have these players, It was a great gesture and means a lot to collectors. I know that some people have issues with UD at times, just like I have had Issues with other companies but, Upper Deck has reaffirmed my decision to strictly focus my collection on Upper Deck from now.

This is not my First Great Experience with Upper Deck and I am glad to see that Upper Deck is continuing a tradition of great customer service.

Jason Ross



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