Well It’s been a Few Weeks…

and Ive got a little time so I figured why not hit the blog. So many things have happened in the past while that today’s blog might be a little long but, here goes. First things first, The NHL Lockout is over and it’s about time. Players Vs. Owners, Millionaires Vs. Billionaires…How ever you wanted to phrase it during the lockout does not matter now that it is done. It is time for the NHL to get back to work and start healing the wounds of fans. In places like Toronto and Montreal the fans will still be there but in small markets such as Columbus, Arizona, and Tampa Bay, the teams are going to be under huge pressure to win back the fans in those areas, as prior to the lockout hockey was seen as a 3rd or even 4th ranked sport compared to Baseball, Football and Basketball. This Season could make or break 1 or 2 of teams and it would interesting if the league will contract or move those teams to places such as Hamilton, Quebec City and possibly a Second Team in the Greater Toronto Area. How these teams get fans back will be up to some cleaver marketing as fans in Hockey Crazy Cities such as Detroit are unimpressed so far with what has been announced. The Red Wings and Ticketmaster have waived the Service Charge for the First 36 Hours that tickets go on sale for and the backlash on local sports radio stations has been massive with most people calling it a cheap shot. Most Season Ticket Holders have not even been contacted, with 1 reporting he had to call them and was told that their would be some free parking, and discounted souvenirs for the first few games. How mighty big of you!!!!. Every Team and Every Player in the League should waive their Salaries and Fees for 1 Home Game Each and invite the public to watch….No Season Ticket Holders…No Scalpers….Get the Average Person to come….Donate Tickets to Clubs such as the Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Social Agencies, Child and Family Services, Schools, Rec Leagues….You Name it…This is your next generation of fans and how you sway them will be determine if the NHL Grows or declines….Give em to People who normally can’t afford to go to a game, these are the people who buy your merchandise even when times are tough….this is how you get the fans back. Have the Players go out into the community, show up at a minor league arena, sign some autographs (FOR FREE), jump on the Ice and teach the kids a few things….Its a Hour or Two of your Day but It’s the Dream of a Lifetime for Future Fans. This is not only good for the Game but, for the Hobby. Now that I am done with my Rant…GO LEAFS GO!!.
Secondly, I wish to send out my condolences to Richard P. McWilliam who was one of the people who helped to start Upper Deck and guided the company over the majority of the past 20 or so Years. I still remember when the 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Cards came out and I thought they were the greatest thing ever and I still to this day collect UD. Upper Deck changed the Hobby…and yes we can get into a major debate about how good or bad it was but, now is not the time. Once again to the family and friends of Richard P. McWilliam and to the entire Upper Deck Family, I send my heartfelt condolences .
And Last but, not Least for Today….I have now started a Twitter Account…Yes, I am Finally on Twitter..The Biggest Reason for finally setting up is the Fact…Customer Service @PaniniAmerica is so terrible in responding to their own online support system, I have finally gone to my wits end to contact them but, that’s another blog in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Nice Products but Terrible Support….We Will See how they do Today….Check me out on Twitter @TorontoCardCol…..And THAT’S ALL FOLKS…Till Next Time..Toronto Card Collector is out of Here!!!.


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