What to Collect?

Well as you already know, I took some time out from my collecting to deal with my personal life and it gave me the chance to take a step back and see what I had and didn’t have in my collection.
When I jumped back into collecting about a year ago, I was unsure of what to collect and would buy boxes of every different product out there with no clear goal of what I was working towards. So when I went back to my collection to see what was there it was one big mess of cards everywhere. Some I had sold on Ebay to buy more boxes or go in on breaks, half collections everywhere and no rhyme or reason to my madness.
So I decided to look at what I liked about my collection and what I didn’t like and decided that I loved Upper Deck growing up and wanted to continue that trend and collect sets but, with so many products from each company out there, I needed to refine exactly what I was going to be collecting. Some People collect Rookies, Some collect sets of certain years or companies and some people collect their favourite player (Brad @ cloutsnchara collects Loui Erickson). So I decided I would collect the main Upper Deck Sets and avoid the 18 other sets like The Cup, Black Diamond and Parkhurst.
This leaves my options limited when going to buy cards but also gives me the chance to build towards something great and with this clear direction, it has made organizing my collection a little easier and given me some great cards for trading.
I wish I had decided a year ago to specify on what to collect and I think my collection would be alot more organized by now had I made a decision before now.
My advice would be that if you are looking at starting in the hobby or already have, try to have a clear game plan in place. Collect what you like and from the companies you like but also stick to that plan and try to avoid chasing things that you have no realistic goal of completing, this will your make collecting fun and give you a better opportunity to track your progress and keep your collection organized.


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