Iam BACK!!!!

Well I’m Back….I know it has been a few months since my last post but I needed to take some time away from my Hobby in order to concentrate on other things in my personal life.  After a 2 Year hiatus, I decided to go back into Trucking (Long Haul), both for Financial and Career Gains and it gives me the time and extra money to indulge in my obsession of collecting.  I’am working with a great company based out of Cambridge, Ont not far from a great card shop I have reviewed in the past called Clouts’n’Chara, so I definately have options for feeding my obsession and I have already found great places in parts of Canada I have been too so far. 

The great thing about my Job is that I can visit card shops all over North America when time permits along my routes, which just makes my job even better.  I think that I started something great with this blog and I look forward to contributing more now that somethings in my personal life have been fixed.  Sometimes it is just better to take a step back before you can move forward and with all this said…let’s get back to some serious collecting.


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