Card Shop Review….Red Nails 2

So I’ve been meaning to do a review for a while about this great little store in Toronto but, things being things and life being hectic lately combined with the tablet I wrote the article on being missing somewhere, it has unfortunately taken me long than i would have liked to write this review but I think the end result will be awesome.

Well one of the biggest problems in Toronto is finding a good card shop and trust me I’ve been to plenty, I’ve driven up to shops 20 mins before close with a wad of cash, see the person locking up and tell them I want to buy some cards and told to come back another time.  This is a shining example of how not to do Customer Service and trust me I work 44 Hours a week in customer service dealing with some very…how can i say it nicely, interesting people with a lack of common sense and I understand it is difficult dealing with people but, that’s the job you took.  To those places I say congratulations and good luck in your next endeavor as I highly doubt your shop will last long without customers.

Now that I have my rant out-of-the-way, let me tell you that red nails is DEFINATELY not like that in any aspect and that I find talking with the owner Eddy to be insightful, pleasant and ultimately a blast.  Red Nails has 2 locations in Toronto, one being in the North York Sheridan Mall right off the 401 at Jane and another store at the bottom of Jane at Bloor and both stores carry a unique approach to design and atmosphere.  I usually visit the Jane and Bloor Store and while their selection of Cards is slightly less than the other store, they make up with Customer Service and a unique relaxed atmosphere.  There are Tables for Gaming Tournaments and Box Breaks, Pop and Candy for satisfying that ultimate urge and a huge selection of comics and graphic novels, and if I was in to comic collecting as I was as a kid, I would consider this heaven.

The North York store is also an amazing store with more card selection, less comics but lots of cool collectables and clothing such as shirts, hats and posters, with a bat cave type feel in the lower level of the mall.  The Neon Glow of the store says awesomeness and the staff is great.  Being a small operation, you will find the same staff between the 2 stores and everyone is friendly and helpful.  Red Nails gets an A for Customer Service.

I had someone say to me one day that when they went into the store once they found the prices too high and I argued awhile about but ultimately said for him to go back in again as the prices are extremely competitive with anyone else out there and compared to some shops in Toronto a real bargain (Scarborough Shops take note).  Card for Card I find Red Nails pricing to be fair and honest with the usual going price and sometimes buying a pack for $7.25 instead of a $7.00 gets you more and red nails delivers on that in regards to customer service and the feeling open boxes haven’t been ripped thru leaving packs of nothing but base cards.  Red Nails also takes PayPal unlike any shop in Toronto I have come across which is great as more people are buying and selling online with virtual money such as PayPal and having that as an option is very handy.

In closing, if you get a chance, check out for all the latest card releases and feel free to drop in and buy a pack or 2.  I bought 3 packs today going 3 for 3 on SPx with my final pull being this….

Great Customer Service, Reasonable Prices and Amazing Hits, I don’t think you have a reason not to visit Red Nails.

Just an FYI, Checked 2 Other Major Stores in Toronto in regards to Box Prices and Red Nails either beat them or were the same as them but, rednails2 also packages great customer service with their price, so to the person online who said he found them expensive, go back into the shop and tell them I sent you.


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