This Week in Cardboard News

So its been a few days since Ive posted, I know I know, you are waiting for the latest news and views but, its been a little crazy so instead of 50 posts Iam going to try and keep it to a more conservative number.

Well this has been an interesting week, On Wednesday the Stanley Cup Finals started between the New Jersey Devils and The Los Angeles Kings, 2 Teams that at the start of the season no one saw them facing each other in the Finals, after this Stanley Cup we can all truly agree the Playoffs are a completely different season.  The Kings went into New Jersey as the Visiting Team but continued their great play and one hell of a nifty behind the back pass to Anze Kopitar for a Breakaway Winner in Overtime was the deciding goal.  Game 2 is Tonight and it looks to be a great game and series shaping up.

Panini annouced that they were going to be doing a Father’s Day Promotion like their Black Friday Promotion and their Player of the Day.  Now I wasn’t into the Black Friday Promotion but, I did get involved with the Player of the day Promotion and “IT WAS AMAZING”.  The contest involved you visiting participating Local Card Shops and when you purchased Panini Products and busted that pack right in the store if you pulled a card that matched the player of the day, you received a special limited pack of Panini Player of the Day Cards and you were also entered into a draw for a prize given out at the specific store.  Well Panini has decided to do a Father’s Day Promo and it is shaping up to be amazing once again.  I will be posting the link to the Father’s Day Promo and a couple of sneak peaks at some of the cards available in a separate blog and keep an eye out for my post after the promotion with some of the cards I do manage to score thru this promo.

Panini also followed up with the Short Print List for 2011-12 Contenders and Elite Hockey and there are some pretty big names that are Super Short Prints or SSP’s as they are called.  Its going to make my PC a little harder now as I have decided to collect all of the 2011-12 Contenders set except for the 1 of 1’s as the price is going to be a little higher but, it will make the chase all that much more fun.

I will also be updating the Calender with dates for some of the 2012-13 releases as they have started to be announced and I will be reviewing some more locale card shops in the Toronto Area over the next day or 2.  So Stay Tuned and less than 3 hours to the Launch of

Thanks Everyone and have an AWESOME DAY!!


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