How I got back into the Hobby

Well getting back into the Hobby was more like a horrible car crash then an Olympic Dive into a Pool.  Back in October my mother kept wanting me to go to her friends house because she apparently had thousands of Hockey Cards that her son had bought years ago and had stored there, and she needed to move them out as she needed the room in her storage.  When she mentioned Hockey Cards, my mind went wild with thoughts of vintage cards such as Howe, Orr, and Bower.  I was calculating her sons age and when he might of collected to get a better idea .  I figured possibly the the late 70’s to mid 80’s….Boy, was I Wrong….Early 90′ Score, and Upper Deck, 10,000 Plus 90’s Cards.  Well if you thought that was bad, the collection also had about 20,000 XXX Cards from every Company Possible…Individual Studios, Porn Magazine inserts and every piece of smut I could find.

Well after going thru all of the cards, I sold some on Ebay, and tossed a good amount into the Recycling Bin (Refer to Part 1) instead of trying to deal with the mountain of Junk taking up my Living Room.  So I am in Wal-Mart in mid-November and decide to buy a Blaster and next thing you know I am hooked on Hockey Card Collecting once again.  I have to been to Monthly Shows, Card Shops, the Spring Expo and I now have over 15,000 cards listed on Beckett and over $25,000 in Cards.  So now that you know how I got back into the Hobby and what has changed let’s get the fun rolling….


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