Card Shop Review – Cloutsnchara

Well if you are sick of buying your Cards at the Local Wal-Mart or Corner Store, then you need to go to cloutsnchara in Kitchener, Ontario for all of your Pack Ripping Excitement.  I had heard about cloutsnchara just after I started getting back into the Hobby but since they were a little far for my liking and they seemed to be only a small store I pretty much dismissed them, Boy was I wrong.  After running into a couple of guys at the Wendy’s Parking lot on the opening day of Spring Expo and talking about Hockey Cards for awhile I went home and started looking at their site and found they are just more than cards, they are everything related to the Sport.  From Box’s for sale to Box Breaks and Trading Nights they are probably one of the more active dealers I have run across in Southern Ontario.

They have a great store in Kitchener which is nice, clean and well stocked, with every major sport well represented in their store.  They also have a Glass Enclosed live Blog room for doing Box Breaks Online thru and a very nice trading card and box break area that could double as a sports bar with Big Screen TV’s everywhere and Cold Drinks for Sale.  One of the things I have really gotten into with them is Box Breaks, which consists on a number of people splitting the cost of a box or case of Cards, Random Drawings to determine Order and then getting every Hit from your Teams you Pick or get awarded.  I have gotten into some great Box Breaks and I will posting more info regarding this in the near future.

I highly recommend that if you get a chance to go visit cloutsnchara or visit their online site at and make sure you register for the forums and check out their live BlogTV Broadcasts almost every night beginning around 6pm, its a great opportunity to see some great cards, meet people who have the same interests, and if you decide to go in on a box break…you can’t go wrong with either Brad or Geoff busting boxes full of serious mojo.

Cloutsnchara are located at:

645 Victoria St. North
(Behind Natural Sound)
Kitchener, Ontario
N2H 5G3


10-12 (midnight)
7 days a week




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