Back to Collecting Part 1 – What Has Changed?

Well as I stated this blog would be more of a how to at first and then we would go from there with news, insight and whatever information I can muster, I figured I might as well start at the beginning of my Card Collecting Hobby.

I remember when I was around 6 or 7, I was collecting Comics and every week i would get an allowance of $5 – $10 and go over to the comic book store to purchase Comics. By the time I was 11 I had a pretty good collection of Comic Books.  and Father at the time had a Second Hand Business running out of a Flea Market and he let me use part of the booth to sell and buy Comics.  I remember slowly being addicted to the lure of Hockey and Baseball Cards and started collecting like crazy and eventually I had over 50,000 Cards in my Collection.  I had Hull Rookie Cards that were selling for $100 each.  I also had Lemieux, Roy, Gretzky and ever other superstar you could think of.  Then next thing you know it’s not just O-Pee-Chee and Topps cards you are chasing, Its Score, Upper Deck, Bowman, Premier, Pro-Set and Parkhurst.  It’s English US Version, French Canadian, Inserts, Case Hits that slowly became box hits and then pack hits.  In the span of 2 Years the Hobby was decimated, a Hull Rookie was selling for $10 and not $100 anymore.  All of these companies only saw profits as they churned out cases and cases of product to meet demand and then everyone realized that there was more product than people and the market was done.  Luckily I saw the end and that combined with growing into my teen years slowly drew me away from the Hobby.

During the 90’s numerous companies went out of business, much as a stock may become worthless, their product had become the same and demand dropped.  Some companies tried in vain to stay afloat and produced everything from Movie Trading cards to Desert Storm.  The most notorious of them all was Pro-Set, take a minute to read the wiki of their short history and it will give you an insight in to where they went wrong.

During the 90’s, the companies that remained slowly transitioned to a better product that was quality controlled and limited in release. Not every card was printed a million times and attention was focused on delivering a better product that added thrills of chasing Short Print Rookie Cards, Subsets of the Hottest Stars, Autographs and Game Used Jerseys built into the Cards.  This combined with a product that was marketed to collectors of all ages and varying price ranges tied to disposable income has led to a very interesting Hobby at the Moment.

The Emergence of New Stars such as Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Stamkos, Hall, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has made collecting Fun and Exciting.  The thrill of landing an autograph from your favorite player in a pack of cards on a Saturday Afternoon beats waiting for a convention, hours of lining up, and paying insane amounts of money just to meet a star or two to sign an 8×10 photo, now every kid or adult has a chance of getting that Autograph or Game Used Jersey no matter where they are.

Part 2….How I got back into the Hobby


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